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          The Acherontas River springs from the mountain of Ioannina and after 64 km route it empties into the Ionian Sea. According to mythology the river constituted the road through which  Charontas (the Death) lead the souls to Acherousia Lake, in the bowels of which was the Kingdom of Hades. For this reason, the most important place of worshiping  the gods of the underworld and communication with the souls of the dead, the Necromanteion of Acheron was founded on the northeastern shore of Lake Acheroysias, above a cave.

          In this space, visitors, after being subjected to extended preparation that included complete isolation and special diets, were driven in underground halls of Nekromanteioy, where they communicated with the spirits of their dead loved ones that predicted the future.
          It is a place of historical attraction, as it is one of the most beautiful rivers with rich ecological interest. The Necromancy is located in the village of Mesopotamos and the distance to Filanthi apartments is 10 km.


          The village Ammoudia is 12 km. from Vrachos beach and it is situated at the beginning of the river Acheron. From there, visitors can follow a route by boat to the village of Mesopotamos. The path to the river is an impressive one to sail it by boat in calm waters amidst the lush vegetation and as the boatman recounts the story of Acheron River, he creates the visitor a strange but yet pleasant feeling.


          Gliki is a 20 km. distance village from Filanthi apartments. At Gliki you can visit the ruins of the old Byzantine Church, the early Christian Church of Mother of God and the famous staircase that leads to the "Gates of Hades". Visitors can enjoy various sports both inside and around the River Acheron: canoeing, rafting, hiking, cycling, horse riding.


          The visitor can reach and admire the monument going up the 410 steps, beginning with the monastery of Saint Dimitrios. In 1803, when the region Souli after long-term struggles succumbed to Ali Pasha, 63 women from the area of Souli with their children hug, singing and dancing, fell from the cliff, preferring to die free rather than surrender to the Ottoman conqueror. Symbol and memory of sacrifice of women from Souli is the imposing monument that was erected there in 1961 with national fundraiser.


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